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Monday, August 13, 2018

Innocent, or Indecent?

Hello Readers!

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be publishing reviews on some of my favorite books I've read this year. Many will be ARC's, some coming out soon, some already published, all will be books I think everyone should read. Starting with...

Indecent by Corrine Sullivan.

Wednesday Books
304 Pages
Published 3.6.18

Indecent is the debut novel from Corinne Sullivan. Smart and sexy, Indecent tells the story of Imogene Abney, a twenty something teacher's assistant who begins a salacious and illicit affair with one of her students: Adam Kipling. Adam is the classically handsome, privileged, and much younger than Imogene, boy next door student at the Vandenberg School for Boys. All to quickly Imogene is swept up in the affair, and finds her self caught in a dangerous world of lust, love, obsession, and one where victimhood and blame get redefined.

Corinne Sullivan Studied English with a creative writing concentration at Boston College, where she graduated in 2014. She then received her MFA in fiction from Sarah Lawrence College in 2016. Her stories have appeared in Night Train, Knee Jerk, and Pithead Chapel, among other publications. Indecent is her debut novel.


I received my copy of Indecent January of this year. It was a quick and steamy read that I was thankful didn't just feel like a genderbent Lolita. No, this novel has something else. Imogene feels familiar somehow; Ms. Sullivan doesn't do her the disservice of writing her with an immature voice however, instead she is written innocently only to have her unfold throughout the story. She's boy crazy, like any girl in high school who grew up in a small town. She's idealistic, and hedonistic. The woman knows the power of the flesh and the potential enjoyment of that flesh. In many ways her mental age remains that 16 year old who maybe wasn't that cute in high school, but grew up to be beautiful. That being said Imogene is one of the most slapable characters I've ever encountered. There were times her actions just truly didn't make sense, and irrational doesn't even begin to describe them. Ms. Sullivan wrote a truly passionate book, but it is also a bit on the batshit side. I loved reading it, mainly because it was such a good distraction from my life at the time. It is impossible to say that this book is flawless, no book is, but Indecent will become a great beach read with a narrator that is horny and unreliable. It's great! There were times I threw this book down because of the self destructive actions of Imogene, there were times I was simply laughing out loud, and since I didn't know what to expect going into this story, as it isn't my usual genre, I am forever glad to have read it. Additionally, after reading Indecent, I was in a much better place to enjoy Tampa by Alissa Nuttig; a story that genuinely feels like Imogene's story ten or so years from now.

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