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Monday, April 23, 2018

It's International Book Day Y'all!

Morning Everyone!

Yup. You get at least 2 blog posts today. This one is a little more personal, and definitely one that I've been drafting in my head for a couple of weeks now.

Today is International Book Day. Amazon is celebrating by having you Read the World with 9 free Kindle books, though this offer may only be available in the U.S. Bookstagrams are alive with the photos of currently read books, shelfies, and those beautifully crafted posts that make me get teary because they're so pretty and I love seeing others love books.

For this Book Day I'm feeling an honest sense of gratitude for my books, a handful specifically.

1. The book that made me love stories...

2. The book that saved my life, even if it didn't save the author's...

3. The book that got me through high school... (the librarian of my high school actually gave me a copy for graduation. I still treasure it to this day.)

4. The book that started my entire history degree before I even knew that's what I wanted to study...

5. The book that helped me make sense of my father's death, as much as any of them could...

6. The book that made my grief feel normal, acceptable, and less threatening...

7. The book I will read a million times over... 

So today, go forth and read. Or listen to an audiobook. Celebrate literature, literacy, books, the written word in all it's forms. Read outside your comfort zone. Read something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Read something, anything, and let it stay with  you, let it linger and become a part of you. You'd be surprised and who you'll become. 

Until Next Time, 


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